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FDPA Part 3 - § 59

Modalities for exercising the rights of the data subject

  1. The controller shall communicate with data subjects in a concise, intelligible and easily accessible form, using clear and plain language. Regardless of special formal requirements, when responding to requests, the controller shall provide the information in the same form as the request.
  2. When responding to requests, without prejudice to Section 57 (6) and Section 58 (6) the controller shall inform the data subject in writing about the follow-up to his or her request without delay.
  3. Information provided pursuant to Section 55, any communication made pursuant to Sections 56 and 66, and requests processed pursuant to Sections 57 and 58 shall be free of charge. Where a request pursuant to Sections 57 and 58 is manifestly unfounded or excessive, the controller may charge a reasonable fee based on its administrative costs, or may refuse to act on the request. In this case, the controller must be able to demonstrate the manifestly unfounded or excessive character of the request.
  4. Where the controller has reasonable doubts concerning the identity of a data subject making the request pursuant to Sections 57 or 58, the controller may request the provision of additional information necessary to confirm the identity of the data subject.